High Wood Cemetery

Three Sixty acted as Project Managers for this brand new cemetery for Nottingham. The scheme adopted an environmentally sustainable focus using grey water harvesting and woodchip (to be taken from Nottingham City Council's own wooded areas) burner for heating. Further, the cemetery will use green waste from local authority parks for use as mulch within the cemetery grounds. The works comprised the creation of a Maintenance building and Assembly building together with extensive landscaping, including a garden of rest; the Assembly building, as the name suggests, is a gathering place for funeral entourages. The building itself blends with the landscaping as it is half submerged to form a grassy mound.

Three Sixty, as Project Managers, liaised closely with the bereavement department who run the facility together with driving the procurement and delivery of the scheme, within budget, both with outside consultants and in-house Council design team members. Three Sixty worked within a political environment to bring the scheme to fruition.

Client: Nottingham City Council
Location: Nottingham
Project Cost: £2,500,000
Procurement: JCT 98 Local Authorities with Quantities Form
Build Programme:40 weeks